Date: 12th July 2018
Johnson Screen
Johnson ScreenFeaturesJohnson screen (also known as wedge wire screen,Website:http://www.oawellscreen.com,or water well screen, or wire wrapped screen) are manufactured by a v or wedge shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal support rods.The world advanced all-weld technology is used with each intersecting point of these wire fusion welded,which creates the robust construction and excellent mechanical performance.The v or wedge shaped profile wire wraps around the support rods over the full length of the screen creating a continuous slot opening,hence the screen allows water (oil) to enter your well freely in ample quantities,while at the same time keeps the majority of sand and gravel out of the well.Use area of the Johnson screensThe strainer is a kind of filtered water tubing with the perforation. It can use with the deep well pump, dive the water pump, also may use in the water-treating equipment, the environmental protection, the sea water transforms into the industrial water and life use water desalination treatment, running water treatment, water softening treatment, the petroleum industry: The petroleum product terminal filters and the chemical acid, the alkali liquid filters, the ethyl alcohol and so on the organic solution recycling filters.?CharacteristicsJohnson Screen consists of V-wire and the longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded, so it has sturdy construction and good mechanical property.?The V-shape section plane can avoid blockage, and make sure of the unimpeded water. The consecutive slot have more open area, and it can reduce the speed of the water entering to avoid the sand entering the screen under the great pressure, so water well screen can filter sand better.?Materials: Galvanized carbon steel(LCG), stainless steel (304,304L,316,etc.).?Diameter: From 30-1500mm /(114.3mm- 4 1/2",168.3mm-6 5/8", 219.1mm- 8 5/8", 244.5mm- 9 5/8", )?Slot Size (mm): 0.02mm-15mm or as customers? requirement.Unit length: 1- 6m, 5.8m fit for the container.Johnson? screeScreen ? Size(in)Inside Diameter (in)Outside ? Diameter(in)OD of ? Female Threads End (in)2225/823/43335/833/44445/843/45555/853/46665/878885/891/41010103/4113/81212123/4133/814131/814?161516?2018 3/420?
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